Southwestern College Peer Ambassadors Answer FAQs

peer ambassadors answer frequently asked questions
The beginning of each new semester always comes with a new batch of questions. Some are straightforward, like how to get to a classroom, and others are about specific programs or majors. Many of these questions can be answered by a counselor or a...

Winners Chosen for #SWCpov Instagram Contest

The results are in, and the winners have been chosen for Southwestern College's first-ever Instagram contest. We asked the Southwestern College community to showcase their unique Southwestern College experience, upload it to Instagram and tag it with #SWCpov. The staff of the office of Communications,...

How I Overcame the Community College Stigma

During my first semester at Southwestern College, I ran into a classmate from high school who greeted me with, “Why do you go here? I thought you were smart.” Well, hello to you too, I thought. Taken aback, I shrugged and continued with my day – ignoring his comment.

Our Most Popular Social Media Posts of 2017

It's been a historic year for Southwestern College, and we've had many "likable" moments along the way on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – 26,041 to be exact (as of Dec. 14). That's right, you folks liked 15,728 Facebook posts, 2,822 tweets and 7,491 Instagram photos throughout the year.

Black History Month: The First Female Black ASO President

Kirstyn Smith, the first female black Associated Student Organization president.
Every February, we hear the stories of Martin Luther King, Jr.; Rosa Parks; Angela Davis; and other influential black people who have had a huge impact on African Americans in this country. While those stories are important and are rightfully celebrated, we hardly ever hear the stories of everyday black people who are living in their legacy.

Spring 2018 Fast Track Classes Begin April 2

The spring semester may be almost halfway over, but there's still time to add a class or two to your schedule. If you're acing all your classes or think your class schedule is a little too light, you can add a fast-track class, Check...

Winners Chosen for the of the Instagram Favorite Professor Giveaway

After a week of commenting, tagging and double tapping, the winners of the Southwestern College favorite professor Instagram giveaway have been selected! We offered students a chance to win one of two prize packs which included a $50 Amazon gift card and $50 worth...

Why I, a Native Japanese Speaker, Enrolled in a Japanese Class

Professor Masako Rodriguez with her students Alexis Zimmerman, Alix Sharp and Jo Gibson in her Japanese 102 class.
Inside classroom 447 at Southwestern College’s Chula Vista campus, you can hear a blend of Japanese and English occurring as Professor Masako Rodriguez conducts her Japanese classes. Each student is attentive as the  Bill Nye of Japanese makes her points throughout her lecture. She grins as she shifts gears and goes to instruct kanji by having a writing race from teams she constructs. I sit there observing as my peers get heated about stroke order and whether they’re missing a line. On other days, we can get paired up to rehearse phrases in Japanese, or learn about Japanese pop culture or current geopolitical events occurring in Japan.

Your Guide to the Fall 2018 Semester

Your Guide to the Fall 2018 Semester
It's an exciting time for Southwestern College as we're getting ready to welcome approximately 20,000 students to the fall semester on Monday, Aug. 20. We know a brand new semester comes with a whole new batch of questions, so we've put together this guide to help you start strong.

FAFSA Fridays Return for the Fall Semester

Are you confused when filling out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? Not sure if you’re missing anything on your application or completed it correctly? Maybe you’re lost and don’t know where to start?