Our Most Popular Stories and Social Media Posts of 2019

Graphic that says "Our Most Popular Stories of 2019"
We're closing out the year (and decade!) at Southwestern College by looking back at some of our best moments across our News Center, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You made it another year to remember. You came to read our great stories and were there for...

5 Ways to Spend Time Between Classes (Besides Going on Your Phone)

Not every class schedule is perfect, and many Southwestern College students find themselves with a good amount of time between classes. You probably spend enough time skipping YouTube ads, checking new messages and refreshing your Instagram feed throughout the day. Instead of staring at...

Your Guide to the Fall 2019 Semester

Fall guide graphic with text that says "Your Guide to the Fall 2019 Semester"
A new students guide to the fall 2019 including information on new campus maps and tips on parking, finding open classes, and more.

Advice for New College Students from Three Southwestern College Professors

Red graphic that says "Advice for New College Students From Three Southwestern College Professors."
You’ve completed online orientation, registered for classes, gotten familiar with Canvas and skimmed through professor reviews on ratemyprofessor.com. Now comes the part of college that can be daunting for any new student, adjusting or re-adjusting to an unfamiliar academic environment and succeeding with your...

Academic Success Center Helps Students Ace Final Exams

Walk by the courtyard of the 420 building and you’ll notice Southwestern College students buzzing in and out of the Academic Success Center. With final exams beginning next week, Southwestern College students are even busier than usual with studying, final projects and essays. Many...

Meet the 2019 Student of Distinction Award Recipients

Student of Distinction Award (SODA) recipient collage
Each year, Southwestern College honors the best of the best by awarding 20 Student of Distinction Awards. Commonly known as the SODA, this recognition goes to students who have made tremendous contributions and impact to Southwestern College and our communities and have proven themselves...

Philosophy Professor Peter Bolland: In Defense of Community College

Philosophy Professor Peter Bolland.
Peter Bolland is philosophy and humanities professor and department chair at Southwestern College. To learn more about Bolland, visit http://peterbolland.com.  Say the words “community college” out loud. What gut reactions arise? Is “community college” a legitimate entry point to higher education or the punch line...

Spring Semester Fast-Track Classes Begin April 2

DeVore Stadium.
There's still time to register for 8-week, full-credit courses.

Twitter Thread Sparks Intense Support, Admiration for Community Colleges

Screenshot of freelance journalist Yashar Ali's tweet. Tweet reads: "Did you go to a community college? Quote tweet this and say which community college you attended and what you're doing today. I'll retweet as many as I can. People who attend community colleges deserve to be as proud as people who attend Harvard."
Amid a myriad of bleak higher education news like increases in tuition and the recent college admissions scandals, freelance journalist Yashar Ali delivered a welcome reprieve on Twitter that celebrated community colleges across the country. After he called community colleges “the backbone of our...

A Q&A with Leticia Cazares, Southwestern College’s Newest Governing Board Member

Leticia Cazares, Southwestern College's newest Governing Board member.
Learn more about Leticia Cazares, her connection to Southwestern College, why she chose to run and the upcoming goals of the Governing Board.