Southwestern College Joins Business Leaders in Expanding Job Opportunities for Young Adults

Student Maria del Carmen Alonso at news conference
SAN DIEGO, CA ­– Education, business and political leaders joined forces today to demonstrate their commitment to the expansion of the “One San Diego Skills to Succeed” program that places young adults in internships and summer jobs. At a press conference held on the Illumina...

Southwestern College Governing Board’s and Superintendent/President’s Statement on Sexual Harassment/Assault

We understand there have been incidents in the past of an uncoordinated approach to investigating sexual assaults/harassment. That has changed since the Governing Board hired Dr. Murillo as Superintendent/President. Since January the Governing Board and Superintendent/President have taken concrete actions to expedite and ensure all...

Governing Board News March – April 2017

A community member who attended our March Board meeting recently greeted me with, “You’re rock stars!” That might have been a slight exaggeration, but I appreciated the recognition of everything this Board is doing during an unusually challenging time to serve our students. Unusual times...

Southwestern College Chosen for California Guided Pathways Project

Professor Ken Yannow explains to a prospective student the potential careers using an earth sciences degree.
Students attending Southwestern College will now have a clearer path to completing their degrees or workforce goals, thanks to Southwestern being named a California Guided Pathways Project college. Southwestern College is one of 20 colleges in the state chosen for the project, which helps colleges across California implement clear and structured student-focused pathways to ensure success in students’ educational goals and careers. “Being awarded this opportunity to explore Guided Pathways recognizes that Southwestern College’s faculty are invested in innovation,” said Superintendent/President Dr. Kindred Murillo. “Our willingness to explore the possibilities presented by this project in the name of student success is proof that we are dedicated to finding new ways to serve our students and deliver an excellent educational experience.”

Utility Infrastructure Updates Will Impact Campus Traffic

Map of utility infrastructure construction that will impact campus traffic.
Utility line installation will affect portions of campus traffic from mid-March through April 21, as contractors close portions of parking lots and redirect traffic. Construction fencing has been installed in Parking Lots A, B and C. Utility line instillation in Parking Lot A began March 20, and several parking stalls will be closed through March 27. Beginning March 27—which is also the beginning of Spring Break—Gotham Road and the on-campus MTS bus stops will be closed as construction crews move from Lot A towards Lot C. The bus stops will be re-routed to the stops located on Otay Lakes Road until April 2, when they will resume to their regular stops on campus. Gotham Road will also reopen April 2. Campus access via Elmhurst Street will be unaffected during the construction.

Southwestern College Joins School Districts Fighting President’s Attack on ‘Sanctuary Jurisdictions’

Southwestern College Trustee Roberto Alcantar expresses his support of Santa Clara County vs Donald Trump at a news conference.
Southwestern College has joined a growing list of school districts signing on to support the County of Santa Clara vs Trump motion for injunction against Executive Order 13768, Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States. The injunction request, which has been joined with The City and County of San Francisco vs Trump injunction request, is challenging the president’s attempt to strip federal funding from local governments and school districts that are deemed “sanctuary jurisdictions” because they shield undocumented immigrants from deportation by federal authorities. At a news conference at the San Diego Unified School District headquarters Wednesday, trustees from several school districts spoke of their united efforts to protect students to ensure they receive their right to an education free of harassment and fear.

Students Learn the Dangers of Drunk Driving

Criminal Justice major Janelle Gerry wears “Drunk Buster” goggles while riding the golf cart obstacle course on the Mayan Hall patio.
Orange cones and yellow tape took over the Mayan Hall patio Tuesday afternoon as students prepared to zig zag through a simulated drunk driving golf cart obstacle course. Before students headed off for spring break, Southwestern College Health Services and Campus Police hosted their popular “Under the Influence” event to bring awareness about the dangers of driving drunk and to teach students of its consequences. Campus Police also administered mock DUI checkpoints and field sobriety tests, while Health Services provided information about the negative health effects and consequences of drinking. Students first drove through the obstacle course with no impairments before putting on the “Drunk Buster” goggles that simulated driving under the influence.

Governing Board News – January – February 2017

With a new year and a new semester, we also have new leadership this year at Southwestern. I was honored in December to be elected by my colleagues as Board President for the coming year, and Trustee Griselda Delgado was elected as Vice President.  Together...

Southwestern College Holds Ribbon Cutting for Center for Business Advancement

Dean of the Higher Education Center at National City Chris Perri and Governing Board Member Norma Hernandez (center, with scissors) cut the ribbon to the new Center for Business Advancement. Joining them are Southwestern College employees, CBA directors and local officials.
Local businesses now only need to knock on one door to find the services, expertise and resources they need to grow and thrive. The new Center for Business Advancement officially opened its doors with a ceremonial ribbon cutting on Friday, Feb. 24 at the...

Southwestern College Institutes New Resolutions that Strengthen the Safe Learning Environment All Students Deserve

The Southwestern Community College Governing Board has passed three resolutions that broaden the foundation for creating a safer learning environment for all students, regardless of race, religion, immigration status and sexual orientation. Resolutions No. 1984, No. 1988 and No. 1992 outline efforts the district will...