Summer Readiness Program at Southwestern College

The Summer Readiness Program at Southwestern College is more than just summer school. It's a full college immersion program that prepares local high school students for a successful transition to Southwestern College. Over the summer, students take two college courses at Southwestern College. They get a chance to meet their counselors, meet their new classmates (and possibly new best friends) and they participate in social and cultural activities all while getting to know ins and outs of their new home campus.

The Jag Kitchen & Johnny Jaguar Pass Out Snacks for Finals

No one should go hungry — especially students studying for finals. We teamed up with the Jag Kitchen and Johnny Jaguar to help give our students a much-deserved snack break. If you're facing food insecurity, don't go hungry. Visit the Jag Kitchen Food Pantry for...

Harry Potter Science Class Teaches 4th-10th Graders the Magic of Science

For the first time ever, the Sally Ride Science Academy has come to Southwestern College. Thanks to our friends at U.C. San Diego, 4th-10th graders are taken through courses like oceanography, kitchen chemistry and messy science. One very magical class, “Exploring the Science of Harry Potter,” teaches students about the real-world magic around us.