Transfer Spotlight: Angel Ramirez

Angel Ramirez had a problem. It was different than any of the other academic problems he’d faced, like graduating Hilltop High School with a 2.1 GPA or dropping out of Southwestern College when he was 18. This problem was unique to his academic career. After...

Chula Vista Veteran of the Year is Proud Southwestern College Graduate

Southwestern College alumnus Chris Lawerence is Chula Vista's Veteran of the Year. Lawrence is a Purple Heart recipient, a police officer with the Chula Vista Police Department and a graduate of Southwestern College's Police Academy.
In 2007, Chris Lawrence had been in about his fifth month of deployment in the Al Anabar province of Iraq when an enemy improvised explosive device went off and destroyed the bridge he and his squad of about 14 soldiers were walking over. “I was...

Travel the world or finish your degree, musician Nick Lopez didn’t have to choose

Southwestern College alumnus Nick Lopez, left, with his former music professor and mentor Dr. Jorge Pastrana.
Nick Lopez began his career as a college student at Southwestern College the traditional way. It was 2011, he had just graduated high school and he decided to major in music. He would park his car, walk along Jaguar Walk and head to his...

Southwestern College Expands Basic Needs Support for Students

A person handing out free meals during a drive-up event.
Southwestern College is expanding its basic needs support for students at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many inequities and insecurities affecting students and their success. Under the umbrella of SWC Cares and a new basic needs coordinator, Southwestern College is strengthening...

Theater Department Brings Star Power to Campus

Broadway producer Tony Vincent conducts a master class for Southwestern College students—helping them prepare for upcoming production of American Idiot.
Imagine being a college athlete and having the chance to practice with a professional. It could be any of the big names: Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant or Lionel Messi. That’s the kind of opportunity Southwestern College Theatre Department students recently had when Broadway star...

Paramedic Program Celebrates 30 Years of Training First-Responders

Paramedic student Michelle Bostrom works with other students and her professor on cardiac patient assessment.
It’s a busy day for students of the Southwestern College Paramedic Program at the Higher Education Center at Otay Mesa. They’re on a strict schedule, and four Southwestern College paramedic professors and staff members are leading them through real-world scenarios and workshops they’ll encounter...

My journey as a mother, wife and student

Two years ago, my passion for my 20-year career in real estate was slowly fading, and I was considering making some bold and big changes. I knew for sure that I loved public speaking and organizing/planning, so I thought about going back to school and finishing my degree in communications. However, how do you explain to your husband that you’re leaving a solid career to go to school full time with two young children to support and bills to pay? After a week of contemplating what to say, I finally had the nerve to sit down with him and talk. After he listened to my detailed plans, asked a lot of questions, he cautiously said yes.

Southwestern College Debate Students Make History, Participate in Prestigious Tournament

Joaquin Arreola and Khamani Griffin on the Southwestern College Chula Vista campus.
It was literally history in the making when Southwestern College students Joaquin Arreola and Khamani Griffin sent the Southwestern College debate team to this year’s 75th National Debate Tournament. The team of Arreola and Griffin received a second-round bid to the invitation-only tournament and...

Meet Momo: Student, graphic artist, and ‘unapologetically Filipina’

Monique “Momo” Arao Garcia against a wall of the graphic work and art she's created for Southwestern College. Momo is the college's first official graphic design intern and she's been the Associated Student Organization graphic designer for almost two years.
If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Monique “Momo” Arao Garcia at Southwestern College, chances are that you have at least seen her work as a campus artist and designer. Take a walk through the Chula Vista campus, pick up a flyer or...

SWC Cares Closet Helps Students Dress to Impress

Emily Lynch Morissette inside the SWC Cares Closet, a mini-boutique for students who need free professional business clothing.
The SWC Cares Closet is a mini-boutique serving all Southwestern College students who need professional clothing assistance. The Cares Closet is located in room 104B on the Chula Vista campus.