Southwestern College Alumni, Chloe Williams.
Southwestern College Alumni, Chloe Williams.

Chula Vista, California – In an inspiring story of resilience and determination, Chloe Williams, an alumni of Southwestern College (SWC), shares her journey through adversity and the critical role played by the college’s support systems. Paroled in November 2022 with just $331 to her name, she faced the challenge of building a new life in a high-cost city without the support of family. Placed in a transitional living program, she confronted daily financial struggles while pursuing higher education. She recalls, “Balancing the demands of academia, personal life, and work became a complex juggling act.”

Motivated by sheer will and a desire to inspire others, especially those impacted by the justice system, Chloe sought to convey the message that higher education is attainable despite challenging circumstances. SWC’s support systems played a crucial role in her success, including the SWC Connects program that provided a laptop and reliable internet connectivity. She also benefited from a bus pass, emergency grant, and access to resources like the Jag Kitchen/Cares Closet and Food 4 Less/Walmart cards for nutritious food provided by SWC Cares.

Active participation in SWC’s campus life and her role in the Rising Scholars program helped her build confidence and overcome inner conflict. She reflected on her mentors at SWC, who provided invaluable guidance and support.

As she forges ahead, Chloe’s future goals include transferring to a four-year university and earning a master’s degree within the next five years, with ambitions of working in the library and research field. Her long-term plan involves settling in Portland, Oregon, within the next seven years.

Chloe Williams’ journey at SWC serves as a testament to determination and the transformative power of education, showcasing the support and opportunities available at SWC. Her story is a beacon of hope for those facing adversity and uncertainty on their own educational journeys.

October 23, 2023