A student participates in Commencement at DeVore Stadium.
A student participates in the 2019 Commencement, the last ceremony held in DeVore Stadium.
On May 27, Southwestern College will celebrate its graduates at its largest commencement ceremony yet. With in-person ceremonies on pause since the start of the pandemic, Southwestern College will hold two separate commencement ceremonies to make room for guests and celebrate the perseverance and hard work of more than 900 graduating students.
The Commencement ceremonies will take place at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Students and guests can view the 2022 commencement flyer for more information on on the ceremony, parking and more.
“The perseverance and hard work that we’ve witnessed from our students throughout the past two years is one we’re extremely proud of and happy to celebrate along with them,” said Superintendent/President Dr. Mark Sanchez. “We look forward to seeing our graduates continue pursuing their educational journeys and launch their professional careers.”
During the ceremonies, Southwestern College will award two honorary degrees to Carmen Martinez, the last living founder of San Ysidro Health, and Manuel “Memo” Cavada, the legendary South Bay photographer.
Both ceremonies will also be live-streamed via Southwestern College’s YouTube channel here. For its two previous commencements, Southwestern College celebrated graduates and their families with a live stream and car parades.