Southwestern College Stands With International Students

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A ruling last week by the U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement agency (ICE) may require all international students studying at colleges in the U.S. to suspend their studies and return to their home countries. This action has created fear and uncertainty among these students.

The Governing Board and all leaders at Southwestern College condemn this action as another attempt by this administration to close our borders to student visa holders seeking to improve themselves and their families.

The Southwestern College Governing Board has taken strong action—in words and deeds—to defend the rights of immigrants, to condemn hate/hate speech and violence targeting individual’s religion/beliefs, and implemented a board policy that promotes a safe and secure campus for all.

The California Attorney General has filed a lawsuit challenging this new ruling on behalf of the 22,000 students who attend California Community Colleges. We are working closely with the California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office for a coordinated course of action that unites our resolve in defending the academic opportunities for our international students. Similar efforts are being conducted nationwide.

Our Student Affairs Division will be hosting an International Student Forum on Tuesday at 1 p.m. for our 50 international students who may be impacted. We will work directly with our students to answer questions and assure them that we are committed to helping them continue their education as planned, and as safely as possible.

At Southwestern College, we welcome and embrace the diversity of our students. We believe our students teach us as much as they learn from us. We stand strongly with them and will always work to support and protect them.