Chula Vista Campus Building and Room Numbers Have Changed

A photo of a building with the new building number that reads "38."
All buildings on the Chula Vista campus have been renumbered and new signage was installed throughout winter break.

When the spring semester begins on Jan. 29, returning students, employees and visitors will see big changes to Southwestern College’s Chula Vista campus. Every building and room number has been renumbered to create a more consistent numbering system and improve old, convoluted numbering.

“The building renumbering and our new campus wayfinding system are meant to help our entire community better navigate Southwestern College,” said Superintendent/President Kindred Murillo. “We are encouraging everyone to familiarize themselves with the new numbering and browse our new campus map before the spring semester begins.”

Buildings now have a two-digit building number (e.g. 60), room numbers have kept a three-digit numbering (e.g. 101). Students should see all new building numbers updated on their class schedule on WebAdvisor and MySWC. 

All new signage has been installed on each building in strategic ways to be easily visible from campus walkways. Additionally, new wayfinding is currently being finalized throughout the Chula Vista campus. 

Southwestern College has created an online renumbering guide that helps visitors learn how to read new room numbers, find room numbers to popular campus buildings and look up old building numbers.

New room numbers also mean a new Chula Vista campus map, visitors can see the updated map at