Harry Potter Science Class Teaches 4th-10th Graders the Magic of Science

For the first time ever, the Sally Ride Science Academy has come to Southwestern College. Thanks to our friends at U.C. San Diego, 4th-10th graders are taken through courses like oceanography, kitchen chemistry and messy science. One very magical class, “Exploring the Science of Harry Potter,” teaches students about the real-world magic around us.

New sessions begin July 1 and July 8. Registration deadlines are June 26 and July 3, respectively. For more information and to register, visit www.swccd.edu/cfk

More about Sally Ride: https://sallyridescience.ucsd.edu/about/

More about Sally Ride at Southwestern College: https://www.swccd.edu/swc-community/college-for-kids/index.aspx