Twitter Thread Sparks Intense Support, Admiration for Community Colleges

Amid a myriad of bleak higher education news like increases in tuition and the recent college admissions scandals, freelance journalist Yashar Ali delivered a welcome reprieve on Twitter that celebrated community colleges across the country. After he called community colleges “the backbone of our secondary education system,” he tweeted: “Did you go to a community college? Quote tweet this and say which community college you attended and what you’re doing today.”

The thread quickly gained traction with thousands and thousands of responses. Many praised community colleges across the nation including the confidence it instilled in them as students, the direction it gave their academic careers, the open and affordable access community colleges give and the career trajectories it started for them.

Southwestern College was no stranger to the love being shared. We saw an outpouring of support from our alumni who have gone on to create incredible journeys for themselves. We collected a few of our favorites.

You can still share your Southwestern College story and join us in celebrating community colleges. Head to Twitter and quote retweet Ali’s tweet and make sure to tag us with @swc_news.