New and Returning Trustees Sworn into Southwestern College Governing Board

Leticia Cazares is sworn into the Southwestern College Governing Board by outgoing Governing Board trustee Norma Hernandez on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

Leticia Cazares begins new term, Tim Nader and Nora Vargas re-elected

CHULA VISTA, California ­– Three trustees were sworn into the Southwestern College Governing Board for a new term Tuesday, Dec. 11 before the board’s regular public meeting. Leticia Cazares begins her new term as trustee after winning the election for seat number four in November. Tim Nader and Nora Vargas, who both won re-election in November unopposed, were sworn into a third and second term, respectively.

Cazares is a native of Chula Vista, a product of South Bay schools and a Southwestern College alumna. Cazares earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at San Francisco State University and a master’s degree in public health at San Diego State University. Cazares is currently the Vice President of the Board for the American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego and Imperial Counties and a commissioner for the Chula Vista Cultural Arts Commission.

“I pledge to lead with courage and do anything I need to do to ensure we are creating a culture where everyone—every student—in our campus community feels safe, heard, valued and respected,” Cazares said.

Nader and Vargas echoed her sentiments in the ceremony when they spoke of their commitment to equity and inclusion across the college community.

After the swearing-in ceremony, the Governing Board held its regularly scheduled meeting. During the public meeting, the board voted to appoint Roberto Alcantar as president and Nora Vargas as vice president.