Winners Chosen for the of the Instagram Favorite Professor Giveaway

After a week of commenting, tagging and double tapping, the winners of the Southwestern College favorite professor Instagram giveaway have been selected! We offered students a chance to win one of two prize packs which included a $50 Amazon gift card and $50 worth of sweet gear from the Southwestern College Bookstore.

All students had to do was like a post on Instagram, follow Southwestern College, tag two friends and let us know their favorite professor at Southwestern College. The two winners were chosen completely at random using a random number generator. Comments were continuously selected until two students were chosen that fulfilled the giveaway criteria.

🎊End-of-the-semester GIVEAWAY🎊! My name is JP Celestino, and to celebrate the end of the semester we’re naming our favorite professors on campus and giving away some cool prizes 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓📚🎉. Here’s me with one of my favorite professors, Grant Miller. Let’s hear yours. Follow the steps below and you can win a $50 Amazon gift card 💰 and a Southwestern College campus store prize pack 🐾🐾 (valued at $50). To enter: 1. Like this post. 2. Follow Southwestern College on Instagram. 3. Tag two friends and tell them who your favorite Southwestern College professor is. Two winners will be chosen at random this Friday, May 18. Must be a current Southwestern College student and be able to pick up prizes at the Chula Vista campus. ⚠Deadline extended until Monday, May 21!⚠

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There were more than 120 people who participated, 140 comments and 227 likes on the post.

The two winners are Astrid Rea and Audrea Carey and their favorite professors are Tracy Schaelen and Alejandro Orozco, respectively. Though only two winners were chosen, so many students shared great stories of their favorite professors. We chose some of our favorites below.

  2. @xox_stefy: “ms.redman she’s always pushing us to be our best and never give up!”
  3. @marythelillamb: “My favorite professor is Professor/Dr. Shapiro! She gives the tools needed to be successful in school; gives students many tips about the health care field; makes difficult topics not only easier to understand, but more fun; and an awesome advisor to @amsaswc ! Her energy and passion motivates everyone to be a better student and person. You’re awesome Dr.Shapiro!”
  4. @kevinlopez55: “My Favorite Professor is: Cynthia McGregor. In all aspects, she simply is the BEST!!! 😶”
  5. itsruby_b: “My favorite is professor siccseros! He really made me ubderstabd when i was haveing difficulties and when ever students had a question he was always there to help us. It was my first time in college cant bealive i passed his class with B+”
  6. kjeeanette: “my favorite professor is KL Alston , hes so passionate about teaching and is also a comedian ! 😋”
  7. robbaem3: “Hands down, my favorite professor at Southwestern has to be Dr. Alvarez for Human Anatomy, you not only learn so much about the basic foundation of what is expected as a medical profession, but also learn to be yourself and grow and an individual, as a teammate and succeed with a “family” of highly motivated individuals too.”
  8. omar_7991: “my favorite professor at SWC is Elena Arteaga. She always has a passion for teaching and inspires me to continue in the field of Business!”
  9. nonii_desu: “Wow, that pretty hard. Hmm… swc has a lot of great professors, but my favorite would have to be Dr. Megan Eckles! Her passion for biology really engages the students in the lecture.”
  10. shelbie_pio: “My favorite professor is a tight between Laura Ryan and Maria Jelaca! They rock!”

Thanks to everyone who entered!