Southwestern College Statement on Charlottesville

By Governing Board President Tim Nader and Superintendent/President Dr. Kindred Murillo

CHULA VISTA — We are deeply saddened by the hate speech and violence in Charlottesville this weekend. It has only strengthened our resolve to actively engage in Southwestern College’s year-long “Inclusion Matters” dialog and training opportunities.

A recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center explains why the alt-right—which includes white nationalists/supremacists—is targeting college campuses.

College campuses embrace diversity, tolerance and social justice. They strive for equality and have created safe spaces for students of every gender and identity. College campuses are home to the highest ideals of human rights.

Specific actions taken by our Governing Board over the last year—through resolutions and the Student Success Summit—demonstrate our commitment to equality, equity, diversity, tolerance and social justice. At the employee and student level, our efforts in the upcoming year to build and strengthen an understanding of inclusion and civility will help all of us listen to all opinions in a respectful manner. If we are to be active listeners, each of us must open our minds and hearts to each other.

Let us be clear, however. We will never accept violence, taunting and hate speech as a way for voices to be heard.

As we embark upon the new academic year—a time that is synonymous with hope and excitement—let us prepare for the real work that lies ahead for all of us.