Things to Know – Monday, July 10, 2017

It was a beautiful weekend, and I guess you know that. I find it amazing the weather in the San Diego is almost always so nice.

Did you know you can rent aquatic equipment (kayak, paddle board) at the Crown Cove Aquatic Center (CCAC) on Saturday and Sunday?

So, this was the first weekend I have been able to Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in San Diego Bay at the Crown Cove Aquatic Center. SUP is a great core workout that has a very Zen feel as you move through the water.  The CCAC has lessons…This gets to my concern about health for our faculty, staff, board, and managers. Too many of us are working insane hours, sitting behind desks, and stress eating (some of you know I am talking about you too). This is so bad for us, and the ramifications are not good. We are going to have more discussion about this as we move into fall. Not only can we help each other be better leaders, we can support each other in good health. Try to stand once an hour. When you have a break take a five-minute walk.

Many of you have requested to make an appointment to see me, and it has been very difficult to get everyone scheduled because there have been many requests, and I do like to spend quality time listening to people, so I hope you will have patience. I also have work to do, so I apologize it is sometimes taking a while. When something, happens we end up bumping people and changing schedules…and we recognize that is not fun. Thank you for your patience. I have heard some powerful stories about caring, student learning, and commitment to SWC. I still believe there is a large core base of people who care deeply about students, each other, and the college as a whole.

Daniel Fitzgerald was the first to respond to my question at 6:28 a.m. last week: According to a 2015 Manpower Shortage Survey, what are the predicted top ten job shortages? Congratulations Daniel. The answer:

  1. Skilled Trades Workers
  2. Drivers
  3. Teachers
  4. Sales Representatives
  5. Administrative and Office Support Staff
  6. Management and Executive Staff
  7. Nurses
  8. Technicians
  9. Accounting and Finance Staff
  10. Engineers

I sent out the following announcement from the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion awhile back. The last planning meeting is scheduled today and the event is this Friday, July 14, 2017. This is a big weekend in San Diego with the PRIDE Parade and Music Festival on July 15 and 16, 2017.

San Diego Pride Parade and Music Festival – July 15 & July 16, 2017.

My quote for today comes from the SD PRIDE website: