5 Things to Do Before Fall Semester

5 Things to Do Before the Fall Semester

If you’re enjoying a summer off, we know that school might not be at the top of your list of things to think about right now. But between your Netflix binges and your days at the beach, make a little time to get prepared and ready for the fall semester at Southwestern College. There’s a lot to do, but here are five things we think will help you get on the right track.

1. Register for classes

This might sound a little “no, duh,” but we know many students still have several questions rolling around in their heads on how to register for classes. Do you know when your registration appointment date is? That’s on every student’s mind right now because you should have received an email letting you know when you can register for classes. If you didn’t, log on to WebAdvisor and click on “Registration Appointment” in the student section. While you’re there, click on “search for classes” to browse the upcoming fall schedule.

Remember, priority registration begins on July 10 and open registration begins on July 17.

2. Update your Student Education Plan

The lines inside the Cesar Chavez Student Services Center are the shortest during the summer, so now is the perfect time to pop in with a counselor and just ask, “Hey, am I on track with my goals?” Hopefully, they’ll give you a resounding “yes” and a high five. If they don’t, it’ll be a good time for both of you to assess your Student Education Plan in a way that doesn’t put you behind.

If you’re asking yourself, “what’s a Student Education Plan?” then you should go see a counselor right away. Set up an appointment with the counseling department.

3. Start thinking about transferring

October and November are known as “transfer season” for California State Universities and the University of California. The applications become available those two months and that’s when students can start getting all their materials ready. Last year, the Transfer Center gave some great tips on what you need to do to be prepared. If you’re still not ready to transfer, keep an eye out on the Transfer Center’s social media and website as they get ready to announce some popular campus tours and transfer application workshops.

4. Take the placement exams

If you’re new to Southwestern College, one of the first things you need to do is take an assessment test in English, reading and math. This helps place you in the appropriate classes. Before you pick a date to come in and take your assessment tests, take a careful look at some of the study guides and practice tests. Getting a refresher will help make sure you’re placed in the highest class possible.

5. Follow Southwestern College on social media

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We want you to stay informed, and it helps our egos to see more likes on our Instagram posts. Our social media isn’t just GIFs, we post important campus news like upcoming deadlines, information on scholarships and student life.

We’ll see you in the fall!