Things to Know – Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It is so good to be back at Southwestern College. Accreditation visits to other colleges can be opportunities for learning, gaining exposure to innovative ideas, and reinvigorating our spirit, besides being a lot of work. One of the team members noted on our visit, “this visit reset me, it reminded me why we do what we do as educational professionals.” She said that with tears in her eyes. It is always amazing to me what a group of community college faculty, staff, boards, and administration can do when we set our minds to it.

“Maybe who we are isn’t so much about what we do, but rather what we’re capable of when we least expect it.” Jodi Piccoult

From Max Branscomb….

Did you know that Mirella Lopez, Editor-in-Chief of The Sun, was just named an 80th Assembly District Woman of the Year by Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher? There is a ceremony next Friday, March 24 at the Jack Tygett Theater at Chula Vista High School. Her SWC fans are invited to attend!

Miss Lopez just returned from a professional photo shoot arranged by the City of Chula Vista.  Her likeness will grace street banner in Chula Vista in conjunction with the San Diego County Fair.  She is being (further) honored as a Chula Vista Champions medalist.

Here is another great example of our dedicated and hardworking nursing program…Did you know that the Coronado Lifestyle Magazine noted Soroptimist International Coronado’s 14th annual Legends – SWC’s own Cathy McJannet?

From Teresa Russell

I have attached an article about Ms. Cathy McJannet who is my boss and the Director of the Health Occupations program at OTAY MESA. I have known Cathy for greater than 20 years first as a nursing Colleague and then as my boss for the last 11 years. She is a real inspiration in the field of nursing. She is a NURSE’S NURSE. She motivates her faculty every day to inspire confidence, collegiality, mutual respect, Integrity, and accountability. Her hard work and dedication to Southwestern College nursing program has allowed us (her teaching faculty) to have clinical sites at EVERY HOSPITAL in the San Diego area. Her leadership has given the students at Southwestern College many advantages for clinical training and jobs following graduation from the program due to the good will she has built within the nursing community in San Diego.  100% of our students pursue a BSN degree within 6 months of graduation. 100% of our students get jobs in this community.  How lucky we are to have Cathy leading our health occupation programs.

Today is Governing Board meeting day. There is always important information on the agenda about our college…check out the agenda at: