Things to Know – Thursday, March 16, 2017

A huge thank you Dr. Janelle Williams and staff for the successful Speakers Series event with Angela Davis. Dr. Davis challenged us to think deeply about intersectionality, institutional/structural racism, and much more. Not only did she invite us to think deeply, but to come together to facilitate change, while reminding us there is hope. As Dr. Cornel West notes “Angela Davis is one of the few great long-distance intellectual freedom fighters in the world. From the revolutionary mass movements of the 1960s to the insurgent social motion in our day, Angela Davis has remained steadfast in her focus…”

I love it when we have a speaker that makes me want to know more, to reflect and understand issues deeper. I thought I would share some of the literature or articles around some of her topics. Please share with me your favorites too.

If you go to the following link you can get a short clip under the media tab of Dr. Davis and her thought on how all things are connected.

Further reading on structural racism.

Also, the link to one of my favorite Aspen Institute reports on structural barriers that “perpetuate student success gaps long racial/ethnic and socioeconomic lines” follows:

This 1991 scholarly article provides some background on the origins of the concept of “intersectionality.” Kimblere also has a TED Talk that gives a graphic of the discussion that is helpful for visual learners.

Zaneta Encarnacion’s favorite quote of the evening with Angela Davis is “We must never stop believing we can create a better world.”

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