Southwestern College Institutes New Resolutions that Strengthen the Safe Learning Environment All Students Deserve

The Southwestern Community College Governing Board has passed three resolutions that broaden the foundation for creating a safer learning environment for all students, regardless of race, religion, immigration status and sexual orientation.

Resolutions No. 1984, No. 1988 and No. 1992 outline efforts the district will take to protect student information, such as immigration status, and bolster current district policies that celebrate a diverse campus culture.

In passing the resolutions, it was the Governing Board’s intention to ensure all students felt Southwestern College was a welcoming learning environment where students’ immigration data would not be released. Furthermore, the Governing Board said it will not cooperate with any federal effort to create a registry based on protected characteristic such as religion, national origin, race or sexual orientation.

Students in need of assistance or have questions should contact the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at (619) 482-6504.