Southwestern College Peer Ambassadors Answer FAQs

peer ambassadors answer frequently asked questions

The beginning of each new semester always comes with a new batch of questions. Some are straightforward, like how to get to a classroom, and others are about specific programs or majors. Many of these questions can be answered by a counselor or a professor, but sometimes it’s best to get a student perspective. So we asked a few of Southwestern College’s peer ambassadors, who are also currently enrolled students, what are some frequently asked questions they get asked on the job.

Throughout the year, the peer ambassadors are stationed throughout South San Diego high schools to help graduating seniors apply and register at Southwestern College. They help prospective students gain a smooth transition to Southwestern College and let them know about programs that’ll help their success, including the Early Admissions Program.

During the beginning of the semester, however, they’re pulled from the high schools and staffed throughout the first floor of the Cesar Chavez Student Services Building. If the list below doesn’t answer your question, look for them this week in their emblazoned black polos, for any questions you might still have.

“How soon after I apply can I register for classes?”

Robert Contreras, criminal justice major.

“It takes about 24 hours for your application to go through and there are other steps you have to complete before you can register for classes. The first step is the application, the second step is an online orientation, the third step is an assessment test, the fourth step is another orientation, the fifth step is registering for classes and the sixth step is paying for your classes.”

— Robert Contreras, criminal justice major.

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“How do I activate mySWC email account?”

Karina Delgado, nursing major.

“You go to the homepage, at the very top, you click on mySWC. You’ll click on login, and you’ll enter your same username as WebAdvisor, just add ‘’ and follow the instructions for the temporary password. Once you activate your temporary password, click on New Users and follow the steps. You’ll need a personal email and a cell phone number. Remember that every time you change your mySWC password, your WebAdvisor password will automatically change.”

— Karina Delgado, nursing major.

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“How do I apply for BOG? How much do classes cost?”

Shon Tyson, business major.

“BOG stands for Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver, which you can apply for through the financial aid tab. It’ll say ‘BOG fee waiver application.’ It’s a much quicker application than FAFSA, and if you’re approved, it’ll cover your $46 a unit fee for all your classes.”

— Shon Tyson, business major.

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“Why can’t I register for specific a Personal Development class?”

Moriah Rodriguez, English major

“Some Personal Development classes are reserved specifically for our learning communities, like First Year Experience and Bayan. If you wanted to take one of those, talk to the coordinator of that learning community so you can get into that program and also into the class.”

— Moriah Rodriguez, English major.

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“What is EOPS?”


“EOPS stands for Extended Opportunity Program and Services. It’s a program that gives you everything you need to be successful here at Southwestern College. They have personal counselors, they help you out getting your textbooks, they even offer emergency loan services. They have workshops for their students. It’s a great program.”

— Marcy Marquez, dental hygiene major.

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