Southwestern College Governing Board Approves Tentative 2016-17 Budget

CHULA VISTA, California å_– The Southwestern College Governing Board approved the college’s tentative budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year at its June 14 meeting. The $114.9 million spending plan includes $98.6 million—more than 85 percent of the budget—for personnel expenses, including $3.9 million to fund 58 vacant positions.

“Investing in new personnel will help bring new ideas and energy into Southwestern College,” Superintendent/President Dr. Melinda Nish said.

In its budget, Southwestern College adopted an estimated portion of the Governor’s projected statewide budget for all community colleges. The college anticipates receiving $2.8 million for maintenance and instructional materials, $665,000 from Proposition 39 California Clean Energy Jobs Act, which will allow the college to improve energy efficiency, repair facilities and replace aging instructional equipment.

The college’s expenses, which also include utilities, services, supplies and materials, add up to $118.8 million, which gives the tentative budget a $3.9 million deficit. The college will utilize a portion of its reserves to balance the budget.  College officials will operate under the tentative budget and adjust it to match the final state allocation accordingly, including balancing its expenses, before presenting it to the Governing Board for final approval in August.

“We are confident that this budget makes the best use of funds and is a wise investment for our students and our entire Southwestern College community,” said Governing Board President Nora E. Vargas. “As we move forward we will continue to ensure that we fulfill our fiduciary responsibility by prioritizing the needs of our students and pass budgets that will have a positive impact on our campus, our hard-working students and our community at large.”

At $46 a unit for California residents, Southwestern College is one of the best investments of higher education for students in San Diego County. More than 70 percent of students qualify for financial aid and Southwestern College disburses more aid to students than any other college in San Diego County.