Southwestern College Strengthens Cross-border Connections

CHULA VISTA – The Southwestern College Governing Board approved two memoranda of understanding (MOUs) Wednesday with two Tijuana-based universities to foster a mutually beneficial cross-border educational pathway for students.

The agreements with Centro de Enseñanza Técnica Y Superior Universidad, México (CETYS) and Universidad Tecnológica de Tijuana, México (UTT) hope to create and expand cross-border programs to meet the increasing demand for international business and logistics along the U.S. – Mexican border and to make student exchanges between the two countries more affordable and enticing to students.

Dr. Melinda Nish, Southwestern College superintendent/president, announced the agreements yesterday at the University Presidents’ Summit hosted by the Consuls General from Mexico and the United States. The purpose of the summit was to address the barriers for students to access higher education on each side of the border.

Dr. Nish said the agreements mark a milestone in bi-national education.

 “Southwestern College has taken a significant step in helping students earn degrees and certificates on both sides of the border,” said Nish. “Our Governing Board has unanimously approved MOUs with CETYS and UTT that serve as a foundation for development of transborder education work plans among our three institutions.”

Under this agreement, Southwestern and its partners could allow their students to attend classes across the border with no full-time obligation to their foreign college and no delay in their native college studies.

Credit transfer programs between Southwestern and its two partner schools would help students pursue an education on both sides of the border.

Under the agreements, students from the two Tijuana universities could attend Southwestern College at the district resident price of $46 per unit. This would expand exchange student’s access to a U.S. education, which is normally hampered by increased stateside cost of living, or increased out-of-district tuition fees.

Southwestern College Strengthens Cross-border Connections
Southwestern College Superintendent/President Dr. Melinda Nish (with microphone) announces agreements with CETYS and UTT that will allow students to study among all three institutions.