Administration of Justice Club Brightens Community

CHULA VISTA – A year ago, Villa Bonita Assisted Living’s Valentine’s Day dance was canceled because of a flu outbreak. Arturo Sanchez, president of the Southwestern College Administration of Justice Club, said nothing was holding the club back from delivering smiles to Bonita Villa residents this time around.

Club Secretary Shayan Khatiba, who has been in the club for two years, said the dance was heartwarming.

“We got to brighten up their day a little bit—talk to them and spend some time with them because they don’t have people visit them every day,” Khatiba said.

Sanchez recalled one particular moment that was especially heartwarming while dancing with one of the residents.

“(The resident) had told me that they had not been dancing in who knows how long,” he said. “That us going there really made her day, not only because she was able to dance, but because she was able to see her friends, people she hadn’t seen smile or have a good time, finally have a good time.”

The Administration of Justice Club was started three years ago and quickly swelled in ranks, Sanchez said. It currently has more than 40 members and is the college’s second largest and one of the most active, he said.

Club advisers Gary Creason and Gary Guthrie teach club members that community outreach is vital to the administration of justice, said Sanchez, who wants to be a police officer. As such, club members participate in local events, like Beautify Chula Vista and for this first time this year, a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade.

“We were there (MLK parade) with the Southwestern College Police Department, Associated Student Organization members and the president of the school,” Sanchez said. “It was a really good experience.”

Club members were invited to the parade by Southwestern College Police Chief Michael Cash, who has been a guest speaker for the club, Sanchez said, adding Cash was an exceptional speaker, and he hoped more college officers would attend club meetings as guest lecturers.

Valentine’s Dance: Club members dance with Villa Bonita Retirement Community residents.
Valentine’s Dance: Club members dance with Villa Bonita Retirement Community residents.