An open letter to Bonita Vista High Parents, Players and Community

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September 17, 2014

Dear Bonita Vista High Parents, Players and Community,

We want to apologize to each of you in attendance Friday at the Barons’ first home game at Southwestern College’s newly renovated DeVore Stadium.

The Southwestern Community College District and the Sweetwater Union High School District value the long-term relationship we have had, and specifically the Southwestern College relationship with Bonita Vista High School. That was not apparent for the Barons’ first football game at DeVore Stadium. As hosts, we could have done better. We accept responsibility, and want to reassure you that a number of steps are being taken to ensure a quality experience for fans, players and school community.

Southwestern College is excited and proud of our new athletic facilities. We know the Bonita Vista High School community is as well. In preparing for bringing the Barons back home, Southwestern negotiated a facility use agreement and permit with the Sweetwater District that addressed Bonita Vista High’s needs and also aligned with Southwestern College’s new Civic Center Facilities Leasing Policy. After the Barons’ first game, however, it was obvious that the terms of the facility use agreement and permit were not satisfactory.

Both Southwestern and Sweetwater have gone back to the drawing board to create workable solutions for this season while our respective institutions finish negotiating an amendment to the Joint Powers Authority Agreement we have had since 1970 and amended in 1976 for DeVore Stadium.

For the remainder of the Barons’ football season:

  • The men’s and women’s soccer lockers rooms on the ground floor of the new fieldhouse will be available for the Barons and their visiting teams;
  • Referees may use the staff locker room on the 4th floor of the fieldhouse;
  • In advance of each game, Bonita Vista High School trainers will coordinate with Southwestern College trainers to make arrangements for ice and other needs;
  • Bonita Vista High will be able to use the Southwestern College ticket office, but not the college’s ticketing equipment (the same arrangement SWC had when playing at Olympian High School);
  • Bonita Vista High will reimburse Southwestern College for cleaning expenses, supplies and bathroom supplies (the same arrangement SWC had when playing at Olympian High School);
  • Waiving of the college’s requirement of exclusive concession sales to allow Bonita Vista High School fundraising food concessions within the public breezeways.

We acknowledge and sincerely appreciate that community members have made significant financial contributions to both our school districts to improve classrooms and facilities for all of our students. This is our community and we are proud to serve you.


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Dr. Steven Crow
Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs
Southwestern Community College District


Thomas Calhoun
Chief Facilities Executive
Sweetwater Union High School District


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      Sweetwater Union High School District Board of Trustees
      Dr. Melinda Nish
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