Parking Lot Closures

The H Street entrance to Southwestern College’s Chula Vista campus has re-opened. Parking in Lot J will remain closed through the summer as the college begins installing a series of solar panels.

The solar panel project is part of Proposition R, the $389 million bond measure to improve college facilities. The solar project is expected to save the college more than $8 million over the next 20 years.

The temporary parking spots created in Lot O while the H Street entrance was closed will remain available until November 1. Paid parking in Lot O will resume April 21, however. Lots M and N will return to their original status as staff parking lots on April 21.

Over the next year, the solar project will require other parking lots to be closed temporarily. On May 12th Lot A will close all but 40 staff and visitor parking spaces until August 15, 2014.

May 19th will see the closure of lots B and C, which will not reopen until August 22, 2014.

Completion is expected in late September of 2014.

Lots F and G will be closed starting June 9th and will not reopen until September 19, 2014.

Throughout the project, portions of each parking lot will become available as the major construction is completed.

Parking Lot Closures Map