20th Fruit and Vegetable Giveaway

On Tuesday, November 19, 2013, over 125 Nutrition students volunteered in our 20th Fruit and Vegetable Giveaway. The students prepared and distributed all of the energy producing food. They distributed information on the Health benefits of these carbohydrates, and websites to use as resources. They worked as a team and learned the values of volunteerism. They had fun and leaned a lot.

What a “BLAST”! Approximately 300 students, faculty, administrators, and classified personal attended. Each received samples of the cholesterol lowering fiber found in Fruits and Vegetables. They were orderly, polite and thankful. Many could not believe that we were giving away vitamin and mineral dense food. Many read the information on the Health benefits, and followed up with questions for the Nutrition students to answer.

The spirit of giving was understood at a higher level for many. This community of people showed compassion for each other and a willingness to help in every way. It only goes to show that a little bit of kindness goes a long, long way. Everyone was happy, kind, and of course full.

20th Annual Fuits and Vegetable give-away