Left Turn into Parking Lot B Entrance

The City of Chula Vista streets and public works department informing us that starting tomorrow (9/6/13) the left turn lane into Parking Lot B entrance from Otay Lakes Road (Northbound) will no longer be available. The City contractor will be starting the center median work that eliminates the left turn lane into the campus at parking Lot B. Access into the campus into Parking Lot B will be restricted to right turns into the campus from Southbound Otay Lakes Road only and Right turns exiting campus onto Otay Lakes Road heading South only. Access onto campus will still be available via Gotham Street, Elmhurst Avenue and the campus entrance from East “H” Street. Please plan your commutes accordingly.  

For information regarding construction, contact the facilities/maintenance department at (619) 421-6700 x6573. For information regarding parking, contact campus police at (619) 421-6700 x6380. If you have any questions regarding the construction project on Otay Lakes Road please contact the City of Chula Vista Public Works Division at: (619) 397-6000 

Entrance B